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19 Perfect Gifts for a Beauty Geek

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In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you that many days I barely brush my hair or put on makeup. After all, the folks in the drop-off lane at Michael’s preschool don’t seem to care what I look like, and my kids are still blessedly too young to be embarrassed of me. So I tend to reserve my full beauty routine for church or anytime I’m out-and-about with my husband. Because my husband is old enough to be embarrassed of me.

Nevertheless, I know what I like. I’ve received some great beauty-related gifts and have seen some things I’d like to get. So I’ve compiled a list of my current and (possibly) future faves.

Makeup / Tools

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette – I put this on my wish list this year.

2. Urban Decay Naked2 Palette – This is great for creating some “natural” looks.

3. Zoya Designer Collection – This looks like a good winter color collection.

4. Makeup Brush Set – Both beautiful and functional!

5. Flat iron – Every girl needs one.

6. Curling iron – Every girl that likes controlled curls needs one.

7. Clarisonic – This is one of those splurge beauty tools that is great as a gift. My baby sister got me one last Christmas and I love it.

Jewelry / Accessories

8. Stella & Dot Statement Necklace – So pretty. This necklace will go with just about anything.

9. Noonday Kampala Necklace – Gorgeous. Love the red.

10. James Avery Charm Bracelet and Charms – I got one of these for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago and love it. Charms that mean something special to me are always on my wish list. Great personalized gift that requires some thought.

11. Crossbody Bag – These are great for traveling or shopping, or for the mom that always has her hands full. My mother got me one when my oldest was a baby because dealing with both a diaper bag and shoulder bag was just too much. A crossbody bag solved that problem for me.

12. Ring Holder – This is for the woman that wants to keep her rings safe when showering or washing dishes.


13. Ruffle Scarf – My mother gave me a gray ruffle scarf last year, and I love how feminine it is.

14. Open Front Cardigan – My mother gave me an open front cardigan similar to this one along with the ruffle scarf, and I can’t tell you how much I love it. It’s not fussy and always makes me feel pulled together. It’s warm too. I love wearing it. This would be great for the lady that likes to be comfortable and doesn’t like to fuss too much with her wardrobe.

Stocking Stuffers

15. Essie – Ballet Slippers – Every woman should have this.

16. Essie – Wicked – For the daring woman.

17. Eye liner – Haven’t tried this yet, but my baby sister recommended it to me. And I love a recommendation.

18. Eyebrow Palette – My sister recommended this, too. Her eyebrows look great, so I’ll have to try it.

19. Slip-On Socks – Another item I’ve added to my wish list. These would be great for lounging.

Do you have any suggestions for beauty-related gifts?

Perfect Gift Posts:

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