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Many of us have the best of intentions when it comes to nursing our babies, but it just doesn’t happen for all of us. I’ve never been able to make enough milk, requiring me to supplement with formula. With Cruz, I did try Fenugreek to increase my milk supply, and it seemed to help some. But please talk to your doctor before trying any supplements. Also, it seems like most hospitals these days have lactation consultants that you can talk to after you have the baby, so I highly recommend that to a first-time mother, or even a second- or third- time mother. The lactation consultant I talked to after having Cruz warned me not to take Fenugreek until after my milk came in or I could run into some issues. That was very helpful advice!

Anyway, all of that to explain why you’ll see both nursing and non-nursing products on my list of recommendations.

  • Formula – Formula is pretty pricey, so we buy Walmart’s Parents Choice formula. Which is still pretty pricey, actually. If I were a smart woman, I’d invest money in a baby formula company.
  • Manual Br**st Pump – I rented nice electric pumps from the hospital for a couple of months for both pregnancies and even bought an expensive hands-free pump last time around. The hospital pumps worked well. The hands-free pump died quickly. Both were a huge hassle with the cord and tubes and many pieces that needed to be sterilized. Ugh. I just couldn’t ever get disciplined enough to use it regularly. But if you’re nursing at all, there are times that you need a pump, and a manual pump is an economic alternative. Even if you have a nice electric pump, the manual pump is nice to have for when you just need to pump a little milk quickly.
  • Bottles with latex n*pples – I like the Playtex bottles with the drop-ins since they require much less cleaning. My older son didn’t seem to care what npple we used, but my younger son is much pickier about those things and prefers the latex ones.
  • Nursing bras/shirts/PJ’s – It’s all about access. I didn’t put dresses on the list, but you’ll most definitely need a dress with easy access if you want to go out with the baby.
  • N*pple shields – These really help at the beginning when nursing HURTS. I like these.
  • Nursing pads for your bra – DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THESE. Did you see that episode of The Office where Kevin (I think) kept crying in front of Pam trying to get her to leak? Yeah, it happens. Just don’t let it be obvious to the rest of the world.
  • Nursing cover – Because everybody doesn’t need to see your bizness.
  • Burp cloths – Because burps aren’t the only things that come up.
  • Receiving Blankets – These are great to keep baby warm, as a burp cloth, or as a barrier between baby and any surface that you want to keep free of spit-up (and blow outs).
  • Boppy – Love, love, love. I used it for nursing, to prop up the baby next to me, and even to help him sit up.

Cruz Sleeping in Boppy (8 days old)

  • High chair with 5-point harness and wheels – the 5-point harness is helpful when baby starts eating solids and isn’t always steady in a sitting position. And it keeps them in place when they fall asleep while you’re trying to give them sustenance in the form of pureed produce. A seat that reclines is also helpful in that situation. Wheels are awesome for flexibility. And they enable my 2-year-old to drag his chair to me when he’s demanding to be fed, so bonus. I also highly recommend a chair with a removable insert in the tray. It makes clean-up so much easier and gives your little one a nice surface for playtime. I can’t remember the brand of our chair and am too lazy to get up and look, but here’s one that has the features I like.

Michael Decorating Cookies – 2 years old

Michael Playing with a Collander and Pipe Cleaners – 2 years old

Michael Playing in High Chair – 2 years old

  • Baby spoons – I like baby spoons with a long handle. It seems to make feeding time a tiny bit easier.

What am I forgetting? Do you have advice for feeding products?

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