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Going anywhere with little ones can seem like a circus. They need so much stuff. Just this past Sunday I took the diaper bag to church, but forgot Michael’s bag. So Garrett had to run to the drug store to get diapers for him to have in the church nursery.

Besides having to remember all the stuff, it can be emotionally draining to leave the house with the baby. I was terrified to go anywhere alone with Michael when he was a newborn. I hated having him so far away from me in the car seat. I drove super careful since I had precious cargo. And he hated the car seat for the first few months, so he cried a lot. My mother’s heart was weary by the time I got to my destination. If a product can make any of that better, I’m all for it.

  • Diaper Bag – something that you can wipe clean and that has lots of pockets. Keep in mind that no matter how cute or expensive the bag is, it will one day hold a poopy diaper and burp cloths drenched in spit-up and drool. Awesome.
  • Diaper Baggies – I really like this since I can hang it from the diaper bag and don’t have to dig around looking for baggies.
  • Travel system – We have (and like) the Graco car base, infant carrier, and stroller frame. We tend to like Graco products in general.
  • Car seat coverThese are so nice-looking and well-made. They’re great for keeping the sun out of baby’s eyes and for keeping strangers’ hands off of your little one while out and about. She also has a variety of prints. I have a brown and green one and have received so many compliments on it.

Cruz Sleeping Behind Car Seat Cover – 6 weeks old

  • Soft mirror – It can be reassuring to glance back and see baby’s sleeping (or crying) face while driving. They can just be a real pain to set up.
  • Shopping cart cover – Even if you’re not worried about germs on shopping cart handles, it’s nice for your little one to have a nice place to sit. The one I have also has a place to hang a toy, which is nice when your little one cares about that.

What are the must-have items in your diaper bag? What else would you not leave the house without?
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