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Baby Products That Make My Life Easier: Playtime

This post is part of a series of posts intended to help my sister with her baby registry. Please see the other posts here and chime in with your advice!

Newborns do a lot of eating and sleeping, but eventually they’re ready for playing. Yay for baby! And yay for mommy! It’s hard to know what a baby will like, but there are some standards that you can try.

  • Infant play gym – We have this one and really like it. It has lights, music, and lots of little toys to play with. You can remove the toys and move them around. Michael likes to play with it, too, and will lay under it when the baby is otherwise engaged. Too cute.
Cruz Playing in Play Gym – 4 months old
  • Jumperoo – My boys both loooove the Jumperoo. They have both jumped until they passed out. Great exercise for high energy boys!

  • Pack & Play – This is our generation’s play pen. We also call it baby prison. With Michael, I used it to give him a safe place to play while I cooked, cleaned, and brought in groceries. I even pulled it outside a couple of times on nice days so that we could be with Garrett while he worked on the yard. It folds up small, so we’ve taken it with us to our parents’ houses and to hotels.
Michael Playing in Pack & Play – 6 months old
  • Mesh ball – Michael and Cruz both loved the mesh balls because they’re easy for little hands to grasp. And they have both tried to fit it in their mouths. And they have both been angry when it didn’t fit into their mouths. <sigh> Cruz plays with his mesh ball when he’s in the pack & play and sometimes in the swing.
  • Musical Table – We have a previous version of this. It’s one of those toys that grows with the child. We got it when Michael was five months old. He was sitting by then, so we took the legs off so that he could play with it. As he started standing more, we put the legs back on so that he would get practice standing and cruising since he would slowly make his way around the table. Michael is 2 1/2 now and still plays with it.
Michael Playing with Musical Table – 7 months old

What items have your babies enjoyed playing with?

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2 thoughts on “Baby Products That Make My Life Easier: Playtime”

  1. It is all a guess, as you said.
    My babies never liked the playmat or the jumperoo (we have the same one).
    They have however loved the music table.  (D loved it for a really long time!)
    They have both liked chew on toys…in varying shapes. 

  2. I love the pics of the boys in the jumperoo conked out and otherwise…..too adorable my boys…..that’s all this grandmother has to say :-)….

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