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Behold the Cuteness!!

Prepare yourself for cuteness.

Behold…Baby Christian!

My little one and I went back to the hospital today with my mother to spend time with the newest member of the family. I was thrilled to get to hold my adorable little nephew again. He was all sleepy and cuddly and content. His mommy and daddy are doing such a great job taking care of him. They’re so in love with their little angel.

Speaking of angels, here’s my own little cherub officially meeting his cousin.

I kept my hand on his wrist because my angelic little boy can get rather excited at times, resulting in decidedly un-angelic behavior.

I’m not gonna lie. Holding a newborn felt wonderful and right. My mother even giddily asked me about how I felt holding a little baby, clearly hoping for yet another grandchild to suddenly appear. I blame it on her being drunk on young ‘uns.

With such cuteness to behold, I’m a little drunk myself.

3 thoughts on “Behold the Cuteness!!”

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  2. Yes – I’m not gonna lie – I could never have enough grandchildren (hee hee)! God’s wisdom is infinite! For some of us, just when we arrive at a stage in our lives when we are having to let go of our careers, our youth, friends and family along the way, and we are asking ourselves, what now? Feelings of nostalgia for the past overtake us – and then, these little darlings come along and WOW – we are RENEWED – total joy! Michael Thomas and now Christian Antonio have done that for me…and also watching my wonderful children being transformed into these wonderful parents! Thank you Jesus….for ALL my blessings :-)!

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