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Being A Newlywed Isn’t All About Romance

Garrett and I have been married for less than a year and have already experienced our fair share of Major Life Experiences. Shall we do a quick recap?

  • November ’07 – Wedding (aka 101 Ways To Drive Yourself Insane), started sharing a bathroom with one sink.
  • December ’07 – Traveled to Dallas for sister’s graduation, traveled to Austin for recording job, hosted a Christmas get-together.
  • January ’08 – Bought a house (aka Take All My Money, and Some That I Don’t Even Have).
  • February ’08 – Got the house ready to be lived in, traveled to San Antonio for conference, traveled to Austin for recording job.
  • March ’08 – Moved into new house.
  • April ’08 – Traveled to Vegas for cousin’s wedding.
  • May ’08 – Garrett finished his last year teaching, Garrett sang the National Anthem at an Astros game, traveled to Austin for recording job.
  • June and July ’08 – Garrett hit the books and studied for his Series 7, Series 66, and Life and Health exams.
  • August ’08 – Garrett finished taking his exams and started a new job as a financial advisor, traveled to Austin for recording job.
  • September ’08 – Experienced our first major hurricane together and a disaster situation in Houston.

But I can’t complain. We have everything we need and experienced no major damage from Hurricane Ike. And we even got our electricity back after less than a day. We eventually were able to restock our pantry and refrigerator and eat something other than PB&J, and were able to get gas without sitting in line forever. So life is good.

It’s been a week since Ike visited town and disrupted our lives, so it seems like a good time to consider what we did right and what we did wrong in this hurricane situation.

  • Right – We filled huge buckets with water for flushing the toilet, even though we ended up not needing it.
  • Wrong – We waited too long to get plywood to board up our windows. By the time we made the trip to Lowe’s all that was left was the really expensive stuff and the not-quite-thick-enough stuff. We ended up going with the latter because we’re cheapskates. We got lucky and had no window damage.
  • Right – We gassed up my car before the hurricane hit.
  • Wrong – We didn’t gas up Garrett’s car.
  • Right – We had plenty of bread and PB&J.
  • Wrong – PB&J got old after two meals. Should have bought more snack (comfort) food.
  • Right – We got plenty of cash out of the ATM before the hurricane hit. And it’s a good thing because Walmart only took cash afterward.
  • Right – We had candles.
  • Wrong – We used the candles and set off the smoke alarm. But hey, at least we know it works!
  • Right – We bought a hand-crank emergency radio that received radio stations, the audio of television stations, and even had a light and emergency siren built-in.
  • Wrong – We listened to the radio for far too long and heard the same old information over and over and over again.
  • Right – We hid out in our pantry during the storm, along with the dog and cats. Safety first!
  • Wrong– We hid out in our pantry during the storm, along with the dog and cats (not in cages) and kitty litter!
  • Right – We began our self-imposed seclusion in the pantry with prayer, leaving everything in God’s hands.

So there you have it. First comes love, then comes marriage, then come Major Life Events and Natural Disasters. But we’re praying that we’ll be able to announce the coming of a baby in a baby carriage someday soon!

2 thoughts on “Being A Newlywed Isn’t All About Romance”

  1. whew! that’s a lot for one year! glad to see oyu are holding up..

    my sis has been transplanted to TX by marriage and just had her first hurricane experience too…

  2. thanks for coming by my blog…

    luckily, my sis and her hubby were a bit north and got mostly the wind…she said the wind was CRAZY, but they made it ok.

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