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Cute Teacher Gift Idea

I came across a neat teacher gift idea on Pinterest that I thought I’d pass along. The idea is to buy hand soap or hand sanitizer, remove the label, and insert a personalized transparency that makes the gift really special. You can find details here.

I made some of these for Michael’s new teachers when he was starting preschool. I just downloaded the template you’ll find at the link, added the teachers’ names above the dotted line via Photoshop, and there you go.

(I blurred out the name – I’m sure you understand)

Doesn’t it look so spa-ish? I thought they were so cute that I made one for my mom, too. And just recently, I made one for us to keep by the kitchen sink.

I think I like the clear soap better, but this orange stuff was all I had.

This would make a cute Christmas gift for a teacher along with a gift card, or maybe as a hostess gift with some chocolates. Jo-Lynne also has a list of possible teacher gifts here.

What are your ideas for teacher gifts?

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