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3 Favorite Workbooks from Evan-Moor

Today I’m sharing with you my three favorite Evan-Moor workbooks, along with the reasons that these particular workbooks are my favorites. I’ve used each for multiple grades, so I can vouch for their effectiveness! See below for my faves, and keep reading to see how you can get a discount on Evan-Moor products!

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Favorite Workbook #3: Grammar & Punctuation

Evan-Moor’s Grammar & Punctuation workbooks are simple and straight to the point. Twenty-five different grammar and punctuation topics are covered in each workbook, and each has a page dedicated to it with a wonderful, grade-level appropriate explanation and clear examples. Each topic also has three accompanying practice pages for the students to apply what they’ve learned. I love how this format allows students to work independently after the initial lesson for each topic.

Favorite Workbook #2: Daily 6-Trait Writing

Evan-Moor’s Daily 6-Trait Writing workbooks are a great choice for early-elementary students to get them from the point where they’re not writing anything to being ready to learn essay writing. I love that writing is broken down into individual skills that are laid out and presented to the student in a systematic way. And I especially love that each lesson has a small writing project and accompanying pre-writing page to prepare the student for the writing project.

Favorite Workbook #1: Daily Geography Practice

Evan-Moor’s Daily Geography Practice workbook is a fantastic choice for covering geography-learning objectives in an extremely comprehensive way within a short amount of time. I love that each lesson uses a new map to keep the student’s interest and cover a new geography standard, and that daily lessons should take ten minutes or less! You can see my full review of Evan-Moor’s Daily Geography Practice here.

Evan-Moor Coupon Code!

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Pinterest Pin for "3 Favorite Evan-Moor Workbooks" blog post.

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