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Five Minute Friday: Stay

5minutefriday.jpg I’m linking up today with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday. Today’s writing prompt is STAY.

AND GO ——–>>>>

I’ve been out of step with those around me for most of my life. I was a late talker, the kid that didn’t speak English, the kid with the accent, the kid with glasses, the girl that would rather read a book or watch an old movie than go out with friends. I married late, had kids late…I’ve just been different.

But I managed to adapt, for the most part. I now talk more than my family cares to listen to, I don’t have an accent and barely speak Spanish. Contacts replaced my glasses and I force myself to socialize once in a while. But where does it end? How much do I adapt? And how much do I stay true to myself?

I read mommy blogs and go to church and see how other women do womanhood. And it’s not me. It doesn’t fit my personality or interests. I don’t enjoy small talk. I’m too honest about my life. I ask questions that force more than a surface-level answer. And people don’t always like it. Do I change? Or do I stay the geek that I am, the woman that I think God created me to be? I think I’ll stay. I wouldn’t be real any other way.

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Stay”

  1. I say yes to geekdom. We are actually alike, I think. Two geeks loving this life and these people within it. I am grateful I was right underneath you in the list this week. :~)

  2. I am instantly a fan Leslie! I relate to much of what you’ve said. I, too, do not enjoy staying at surface level for long. One of my favorite things is getting to know someone though great conversation. I love how you took this word and owned it along with owning who God made you! That’s not an easy lesson to grasp. I know! 🙂 Thank you for coming by my blog last night. So happy I “meet” you.

    1. I also love a great conversation, when ideas are turned this way and that and new conclusions are drawn. Why do so many settle for mediocre conversations? It was nice to meet you, too!

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