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49 Home Education Pinterest Boards

If you’re thinking about homeschooling, you no doubt have many questions. Google is the natural first stop for anyone looking for information. While it is an invaluable tool, I find that Google is not the best way to get the information you need about homeschooling because oh my gosh, where to start? There’s another much more helpful search tool – Pinterest. In order to help you, I’ve created 49 home education Pinterest boards that are each dedicated to a specific homeschool topic.

Home Education Pinterest Boards 

pinterest home education

My home education Pinterest boards will help you to mentally organize the information you need to research about homeschooling. You can find all of my Pinterest boards here (don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!). I’ve also listed below some of the most helpful home education Pinterest boards for new homeschoolers.

How to Homeschool

pinterest home educationSo many homeschool moms are trying to help out new homeschool moms with how-to guides for homeschooling. Find many of these “how to homeschool” guides on this Pinterest board.

Homeschool Schedulepinterest home education

One of the most confusing topics for new homeschoolers that are bringing their children from a more traditional school setting is setting up a homeschool schedule. Should kids be working on schoolwork at home for the same amount of time that they would be in a public school? What kind of schedule can you set up so that you get schoolwork and everything else done? Get your homeschool schedule questions answered with links on this board.

Homeschool Workboxes

pinterest home education

Maybe the most important system in my homeschool is my use of homeschool workboxes. See this Pinterest board that show how families use homeschool workboxes and even alternatives to homeschool workboxes.

Homeschool Organization

A key requirement for homeschool success is organization. This Pinterest board will give you ideas for homeschool organization.

Homeschooling Room Ideas
pinterest home education

Pinterest is an ideal way to get homeschool room ideas. While you don’t need need a schoolroom to homeschool, the pictures are always fun to look at and to get inspiration, no matter where you homeschool.

Teach Reading

pinterest home education

If you will be homeschooling a child that has not yet learned to read, refer to this Pinterest board with links about how to teach reading skills.

Homeschooling Curriculum Reviews

pinterest home education

There are so. many. homeschool curriculum options. Begin your search on this board.


If you’re still overwhelmed, you can refer to this blog post that I wrote for new homeschoolers. It’s even more organized than my Pinterest boards. (And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!)

When you first look into homeschooling, it can be extremely overwhelming. I’ve been in your position and know that the most important thing is to just take baby steps in the direction that you want to go. Research about homeschooling, reflect on what you’ve learned, and repeat.  You can do this!

pinterest home education

pinterest home education

Pinterest Boards Homeschool

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