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Hopes For Jericho Come Tumbling Down

Tonight I’ll mourn the end of my most favorite tv show ever – Jericho. If you’re not clued in (and, considering that the show was canceled, you’re probably not), Jericho is about a little town dealing with the aftermath of nuclear attacks on all major US cities. What would you do if you saw a mushroom cloud in the distance? Could you survive with no electricity? How would you feed yourself and your family? The people of Jericho deal with all of this and more. Throw in a conspiracy to commit the greatest crime in history and you have yourself a television show.

Throughout the short life of this series I’ve had to ask myself, how would an athletically-challenged computer nerd like me survive? I don’t hunt, fish, or enjoy life without my contact lenses. Riding a horse hurts like crazy in the nether regions. And since my livelihood would most likely be eradicated by an EMP (at least for a while), I’d have to get really creative as far as a career goes. But most importantly – what would I do without my laptop or cell phone, spotty service notwithstanding? Don’t leave me, gadgets of convenience. AT&T, I’ll learn to appreciate you. Comcast, we can fall in love all over again. Even the bug zapper would be out of commission, leaving us to books and conversation for entertainment.

Anyway, Jericho can show us the way. Men become men and women fight alongside them. (But never without beauty products – my one criticism of the show. Where are all those hair products coming from?)

So how could it get canceled? Why is it that American television can support countless versions of Law & Order and CSI, but not one little Jericho? Why does The Bachelor come back season after season to culminate in what will no doubt be a doomed relationship, but the portrayal of Americans surviving after a national disaster doesn’t hold enough interest to last even a full two seasons? How can Two and a Half Men actually keep an audience while Jericho is shunned by millions?

BUT I WILL NOT FORGET YOU! Good-bye, Jake – you will always be a hero to me. So long, Bonnie – your sacrifice will be remembered for days, nay, WEEKS to come. Farewell, Stanley and Mimi, you crazy kids – your cooky humor has set the standard for Comic Relief. Auf wiedersehen, Dale – all teenagers should be as resourceful, although maybe not as criminal, as you. Adios, Emily – post-nuclear attack hair never looked so good. Ciao, Robert – you scare the heck out of me, but it hurts so good. Sayanora, Major Beck – Robert sure did play you, but I know you would have figured it (something, ANYTHING) out eventually. And Heather, well, I never really got you, but GIRL, I’m gonna MISS you! OH, THE HUMANITY!

Arrivaderci, people of Jericho. I hope to see you in a movie someday!

(If you’re curious, you can go to the Jericho website and watch every episode online. How awesome is that?)

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