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Jesus – The Action Figure

So Garrett and I are in the public library, enjoying the quiet as he studies and I do some blogging and reading.

I’m sitting across from him and peek up every now and then to watch him. Right now he’s leaning his forehead on his hand and highlighting something Very Important in the book in front of him. He’s mouthing the words as he reads (I do the same thing when I’m concentrating), but sometimes he’ll pucker his lips.

So cute.

Anyway, a few minutes ago he went on a little walk to take a mental break and brought back this picture for me.

Please allow me to introduce you to Jesus, the Action Figure.

Notice that he is in the “I’m floating up to heaven” pose.

Just to be clear that this is no ordinary action figure, we see the following near the bottom of the package.
Yes, you may pose Jesus any way you want. Rather than floating up to heaven, you may pose him in the “turning water into wine” pose, or the “I heal you” pose, or the “go ahead and give us a hug, little leper” pose. You have complete control.

But isn’t that the way we treat Him sometimes? Like His actions are under our control? Like a cosmic Santa Claus, there to give us whatever we want. And if He doesn’t come through (in our estimation), watch out! We’ll show Him, give Him the silent treatment by not praying for a while. Maybe stop attending church and put our Bible in a drawer. Although we’re more than willing to invite Him to our pity party.

Thankfully, He is not under our control. He does not require direction from me. He is God. He knows what He’s doing. And this isn’t scary to me because He is also kind. His actions are always for my good, and for the good of those around me. So rather than trying to control His pose, I’ll choose to place myself in a position of submission to His actions.

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