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Kumon Science Review

Kumon Preschool Science Sticker Activity Book Review

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The Kumon Science workbook is one of Kumon’s sticker activity books and introduces science concepts in a fun way. I’m currently using it in our homeschool with my preschooler.

Kumon Science Review

The Kumon Science workbook is a fun sticker activity book for preschoolers. It includes activities like coloring, mazes, and, of course, stickers. The activities are very basic, but varied and colorful enough to make them interesting for a preschooler.  The cover says that this workbook is appropriate for pre-k and up, but it may be too simplistic for anyone but a preschooler.

I extend the interactive elements of this workbook by asking my student to add to each page with a drawing, stamps, or stickers from our collection.


The Kumon Science workbook is divided into four chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Life Science
  • Chapter 2: Earth Science
  • Chapter 3: Physical Science
  • Chapter 4: Space Science

Each chapter covers 12 mini-topics (except for chapter 4, which covers 11), and most mini-topics are just one page long. Each mini-topic has a fact to share and discuss with your student, along with a related activity. Sticker pages are towards the back of the book (perforated so that you can pull them out) along with the answer key (which you probably won’t need).

Teacher Prep

Some of the pages require drawing or coloring, sometimes with specific colors. The workbook suggests having the eight basic crayon colors and a white colored pencil, but the pages are so slick that we found that markers worked better.

Other than having the crayons/markers available, this workbook should be open-and-go for the parent.

Student Time

Each page should take less than five minutes to do, which is totally appropriate for a preschooler. Kids that like workbooks may want to do more than that in one sitting, so you may want to decide ahead of time if that fits within your plans.

To whom would I recommend Kumon Science?

(Based on Learning Preferences and Three D’s I describe in earlier posts.)

Recommend to…

  • Students that do well with Interactive learning methods since this entire workbook is about being interactive.
  • Students that could use some work on their fine motor skills – the stickers, coloring, and drawing will help with that.
  • Preschoolers that want to learn science “like a big kid.” 🙂

I would NOT recommend to…

Students beyond kindergarten – they may find this activity book too simplistic.

My Best Tip for Using Kumon Science

While it will be tempting to either rush through this workbook and give less than a minute to each page, I recommend taking it slow and fully exploring the fact on each mini-topic via discussion or related activity.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Kumon Science

The Kumon Science workbook is a fun and gentle way to introduce science concepts to a preschooler, and is one of my preshooler’s favorite things to do!

Kumon Science Review

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