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Evan-Moor Pre-K Math Curriculum Review

Math Curriculum Review – Evan-Moor Pre-K Workbook

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Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K is published by Evan-Moor. This workbook is marketed as “Connecting School and Home,” but I’m using it as a gentle math curriculum in our homeschool with my preschooler.

Preschool Math Curriculum Workbook Review

Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K is a fun and colorful activity book for preschoolers that introduces a wide variety of math concepts. Math concepts introduced include number & operations, measurement, algebra, geometry, etc. The wide variety of activities used to cover these concepts (coloring, drawing, cut and paste, matching, dot-to-dot, etc.) have been delightful to my workbook-loving preschooler.  


Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K is divided into 10 units. All units cover the same basic math concepts using different themes. For example, Unit 1 is about monkeys, Unit 2 – cookies, etc.

There are about 125 pages for your student to complete, with a tracking form and answer key at the back.

Teacher Prep

As long as you have crayons/colored pencils, scissors, and glue handy, this should be an open-and-go workbook.

Student Time

Each page in this workbook should take less than five minutes to do, which is totally appropriate for a preschooler. Kids that love workbooks, and especially the types of activities in this workbook, may want to do several pages at a time. So, unless you have your student use this workbook only once a week or so, and do other math activities the rest of the week,  your student will likely complete this workbook in well under a year.

To whom would I recommend Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K?

(Based on Learning Preferences and Three D’s I describe in earlier posts.)

Recommend to…

  • Students that do well with Interactive and Visual learning methods since this entire workbook has puzzle-like activities.
  • Students that could use some work on their fine motor skills – the coloring, drawing, and pasting will help with that.
  • Preschoolers that want to use a math workbook “like a big kid.” 🙂

I would NOT recommend to…

Students that still struggle with holding a pencil/crayon.

My Best Tips for Using Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K

  • Allow your student to do as little or as much (within reason) of this workbook as he wants in each sitting.
  • Be sure to talk about each concept with your student to gauge for understanding.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K

The Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K is a fun and gentle way to introduce math concepts to a preschooler, and was one of my preshooler’s favorite books to work in.

Evan-Moor Pre-K Math Curriculum Review

2 thoughts on “Math Curriculum Review – Evan-Moor Pre-K Workbook”

  1. Hiii i am establishing a new kindergarten and would like to apply skill sharpeners pre k math science and spell and write

    Could you please send me the three books curriculum map that will include the time duration of teaching the units and teaching skills needed plus the content

    1. I’m actually not affiliated with Evan-Moor, and I don’t think that I have the pre-k math book anymore, so I’m afraid I can’t help you. Their website may have information and a contact number for customer service.

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