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Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K is published by Evan-Moor. This workbook is marketed as “Connecting School and Home,” but I’m using it as a gentle math curriculum in our homeschool with my preschooler.

Preschool Math Curriculum Workbook Review

Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K is a fun and colorful activity book for preschoolers that introduces a wide variety of math concepts. Math concepts introduced include number & operations, measurement, algebra, geometry, etc. The wide variety of activities used to cover these concepts (coloring, drawing, cut and paste, matching, dot-to-dot, etc.) have been delightful to my workbook-loving preschooler.  


Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K is divided into 10 units. All units cover the same basic math concepts using different themes. For example, Unit 1 is about monkeys, Unit 2 – cookies, etc.

There are about 125 pages for your student to complete, with a tracking form and answer key at the back.

Teacher Prep

As long as you have crayons/colored pencils, scissors, and glue handy, this should be an open-and-go workbook.

Student Time

Each page in this workbook should take less than five minutes to do, which is totally appropriate for a preschooler. Kids that love workbooks, and especially the types of activities in this workbook, may want to do several pages at a time. So, unless you have your student use this workbook only once a week or so, and do other math activities the rest of the week,  your student will likely complete this workbook in well under a year.

To whom would I recommend Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K?

(Based on Learning Preferences and Three D’s I describe in earlier posts.)

Recommend to…

  • Students that do well with Interactive and Visual learning methods since this entire workbook has puzzle-like activities.
  • Students that could use some work on their fine motor skills – the coloring, drawing, and pasting will help with that.
  • Preschoolers that want to use a math workbook “like a big kid.” 🙂

I would NOT recommend to…

Students that still struggle with holding a pencil/crayon.

My Best Tips for Using Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K

  • Allow your student to do as little or as much (within reason) of this workbook as he wants in each sitting.
  • Be sure to talk about each concept with your student to gauge for understanding.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K

The Skill Sharpeners Math – Pre-K is a fun and gentle way to introduce math concepts to a preschooler, and was one of my preshooler’s favorite books to work in.

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