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Minecraft Math Workbooks

My youngest has very much been resisting math lately. He doesn’t have trouble understanding the concepts, and the curriculum does work for him. But he’s become bored by it. I knew I needed to breathe life into his math learning.

Minecraft Math Workbook for First Graders

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Thankfully, I had a backup plan! Since my little one loooooves Minecraft, I thought it might be smart to incorporate some Minecraft math lessons. So I pulled out this fun Minecraft math workbook that I purchased a few months ago for such a time as this. It’s filled with Minecraft-themed practice pages that are perfect for a first grader. So I sprinkle in math practice in this workbook along with his regular curriculum. Using Minecraft to teach math turned out to be just what he needed to change his attitude toward math!

More Minecraft Workbooks!

It’s worked so well that I’m exploring other Minecraft-themed workbooks for my older boys.

I’m getting this one for multiplication practice:

And this one for cursive writing practice:

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Minecraft Math Workbooks

I wouldn’t use any of these workbooks as a substitute for curriculum, but as a supplement. What I mean is that you’ll need quality curriculum to help you give actual instruction in an intelligent, step-wise manner. I would use Minecraft math workbooks for extra practice or as an incentive. So maybe do your regular curriculum Monday-Thursday, then on Fridays use the Minecraft workbooks.

An exception would be handwriting practice workbooks. When my students have received a year or more of instruction in letter formation (either manuscript or cursive), I switch to a more fun way to practice handwriting. For example, my current third grader has been working through Handwriting Without Tears’ cursive workbook this year to learn how to write in cursive, but after he completes that we’ll switch to the Minecraft cursive workbook for more practice

Have you found any fun resources to breathe life into a subject that your kids find boring?

Tell me all the things!

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