I react to the Apple App Store in much the same way that I react to bookstores and breakfast buffets – the world around me fades out as I focus on the number and variety of the options before me, mind scrambling as I try to decide what to try first.

(Taking a moment here to imagine a breakfast buffet at a book store. Oh, if only there were such a thing.)

Ok, I’m back. And hungry.

Anyway, I love me some apps. I love using apps and reading about apps and getting recommendations for apps…and now I’m going to recommend a few to you! I hope you find these helpful!


NewImageTecarta Bible (iPhone) – This app actually works on the iPad, too, but I use it on my iPhone at church. That’s right, I don’t carry a Bible to church anymore. And not because I’m so techie – after the second baby, it just made good sense to look for redundancies so that we didn’t look like pack animals as we carted babies and diapers into the church nursery. I don’t always get a signal in church, so I like that I can download different translations right to my phone (for a price). And I’m one of those that likes to look at verses in several different translations, so I like that doing that is so easy to do with this app.

NewImageOlive Tree (iPad) – This app works on the iPhone, too, but I use it on my iPad for more serious Bible study. You can purchase different translations and Bible study aids to fit your needs.

NewImageLamplight (iPhone/iPad) – Shameless plug alert – I wrote this app. But I think it’s super helpful! It’s a way to save and categorize Bible verses for prayer, memorization, and study. You can sync up your verses with your Dropbox account so that you have access on both your iPhone and iPad.


NewImageCandy Crush (iPhone/iPad) – My name is Leslie, and I’m a Candy Crush addict. I go through periods when I’m obsessed with different games, but I’ve been into Candy Crush for a while now. I try to manage my Candy Crush crazy by not purchasing extra lives or anything like that.

NewImageDoors & Rooms (iPhone/iPad) – This game is all about trying to get out of different rooms by observing your surroundings and solving puzzles. Very interesting. My 4-year-old LOVES this game so much (although he thinks the game is called Open Doors – cute). I’m surprised at how much he can do by himself, although a lot is way above his level. And I love that I can remind him of this game to get him to work on his letters and numbers.


NewImageMy Fitness Pal (iPhone/iPad) – One day I shall lose the baby weight. One day. I’m using this app to keep me accountable. I like that you can scan the bar code of a food package to pull nutritional info into the app. Easy peasy.

NewImageGet Running (iPhone) – This is a nice little Couch to 5K program. The toughest thing about it is finding time away from my kids to actually use it.


NewImageGrocery Gadget (iPhone/iPad) – This app has changed my life. You create an account online that keeps your phone and iPad synced up. When I realize that I need something from the store, I grab whatever device is closest to me and add it. But the best thing about it is that my husband can sync up to the same account, which makes it super easy for him to do the shopping. You can even add a picture to each item to make sure that he gets the right thing. Awesome.

NewImageCall Sweetheart (iPhone) – This is basically speed dial for your sweetheart. Isn’t it cute? I keep it on my home screen to make calling my man quick and easy.

NewImageFind My Friends (iPhone/iPad) – I love this one so much. My husband and I have added each other so that we always know where the other is. So if he’s on his way home but caught in traffic, I can look and see how far away he is. You can also add other people temporarily. I’ve used that feature when driving to Dallas to visit my little sis so that she would have an idea of when I’d get there without having to call me.

NewImageKindle (iPhone/iPad) – I may have mentioned that I love to read. I didn’t think that I would ever get over paper books, but the e-book world has won me over with its ease of use and syncing with multiple devices and resizing of text for tired eyes.


Preschool is starting again for Michael next month, so I thought maybe we should start paying attention to things like reading and math preparedness. I tried a few different ways to get him interested in practicing his letters and numbers, but the only thing that has worked have been educational apps. What can I say, he’s a geek in training. Comes by it honest. His daddy is a music geek, so we’re making sure to throw some of that in there, too.

NewImageLetter School (iPad) – The best app I’ve seen so far for teaching letters and numbers to toddlers. Michael loves it, and even I want to use it.

NewImageAdagio Kids (iPhone/iPad) – This is a cute way to prepare toddlers/preschoolers for reading music.

NewImageMusic Learning Lab (iPhone/iPad) – I’ve been really impressed by this app. It’s a little advanced for Michael right now (he just turned 4), but I can see that we’ll use it a lot in the future.

NewImageTozzle HD (iPad) – Cruz (22-months-old) absolutely loves this app, which is basically puzzles and shape recognition. He can navigate around the app without any help from me, which is a bonus when I need to keep him busy for a few minutes. (There’s also an iPhone version of this app.)

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