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Shopping Funny

Garrett and I were shopping in one of those “antique” malls and came across this gem. It’s an old shopping list notepad.

I feel such a kinship with the woman in the picture. You see, I also go to the grocery store in a pencil skirt and stiletto heels. And I don’t truly feel like a woman unless I spend an hour on my hair and makeup in order to look my best for the cashiers. I also stop at the end of every aisle and strike a pose…just in case anybody is watching.

I jest.

No, really?

Here’s what grocery shopping looks like for me – I’m wearing jeans and comfortable shoes. It’s the end of the day, so my makeup has worn off and my hair is a frizzy mess. Garrett is usually with me and pushes the cart, which is a good thing because I need to focus all of my attention on not running into any people or displays of canned goods (I don’t always succeed).

And, of course, there are the hopes and prayers that we don’t run into anyone we know, necessitating two minutes of idle chit-chat while trying to maintain eye contact so that they don’t look into our grocery cart and see the packages of Gas-X and tampons.

In summary, grocery shopping is such a pleasant experience that I just spent 15 minutes evaluating whether or not we should use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program to ship grocery items to us.

June Cleaver I am not.

2 thoughts on “Shopping Funny”

  1. Times have certainly changed haven’t they? So few dresses, suites, and hats anymore. I am glad God looks at our hearts and we don’t have to worry so much about how we look.
    It was nice to visit your blog!
    In Him,

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