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Teach Kids Their Address and Phone Number

Copywork is a valuable tool in the homeschooler’s toolbox. It gives kids exposure to correct spelling and grammar and new ideas. And in our homeschool, I use Personal Info copywork to give my kids independent work, to teach them their personal information from a safety perspective, and to allow them to practice real-life application of skills.Image showing Personal Information Copywork worksheets and button to opt-in to email list.

Independent Work – Easy Start to the Day

We live in a house of individuals with a variety of morning attitudes. I’ll be honest – my morning attitude isn’t great. And I’m not alone. So I like to give my kids independent work to do first thing in the morning to give us all a chance to get into the swing of things for the day.

To that end, I put together a Morning Binder for each of my kids every year. A key aspect of their Morning Binders is their Personal Info Copywork. I create copywork worksheets for each of my kids. Since they’re simply copying information, they don’t need my help with it.

Safety – Teach Kids Their Address and Your Phone Number!

For safety reasons, I use Personal Info Copywork to teach my kids their address along with my cell phone number and my husband’s cell phone number. I teach my kids that if they ever get separated from us, they should find a mommy to help them and tell her our phone numbers. I also thought it was important for them to know our street address, but didn’t know how to teach younger kids their address. I decided to add it to their copywork, and that has been surprisingly (to me) effective.

Real-Life Application of Skills

Including our street address in my kids’ copywork had the side benefit of teaching my kids how to write a mailing address. We talked about correct placement of commas and state abbreviations. These are topics that are covered in other areas, but I feel that it’s especially helpful for them to see those topics applied in real life.

I also include my kids’ birthdays in their Personal Info Copywork, written as Month #, ####. Again, they get to see how this topic that they sometimes see taught in their writing or grammar studies is used in real life. I do give them additional practice in date writing in their Calendaring Worksheets (also included in their Morning Work binders), but I feel that it’s helpful for them to see another application for date writing.

Educational Printable

Are you interested in including Personal Info Copywork into your students’ schooldays? I’ve created a free and easy template for you (using the free software Canva) to create Personal Info Copywork pages for each of your students. Simply download my template information page and watch the video above to see how easy this will be for you!


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