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The Day Should Start at Noon

I’m not what one would call a Morning Person.

I don’t bounce out of bed with hair perfectly in place, breath as fresh as a spring breeze, and a smile for every person or creature that comes my way.

My mornings look a little like this:

  1. Slowly wake up.
  2. Decide it’s too early to be awake and quickly fall back asleep.
  3. Wake up again, watch my husband walk around getting ready, and feel guilty.
  4. Fall back asleep.
  5. Wake up again and throw the covers off.
  6. Fall back asleep.
  7. Wake up again and throw my body into a sitting position.
  8. Climb out of bed and try to remember how to stand.
  9. Smooth the back of my hair down so my husband doesn’t fall on the floor laughing.
  10. Creep to the bathroom to answer the call of nature.
  11. Grunt a hello to Garrett. Or maybe just grunt.
  12. Taste my mouth and reach for the toothbrush.
  13. Kiss Garrett good morning after a good tooth brushing.
  14. Sit at my vanity and try to spackle and paint my face until I’m presentable.
  15. Try to remember what I wore during the past week so that I don’t put on a duplicate outfit.
  16. Creep downstairs, trying not to trip over a cat or dog, in search of sustenance and a cup of coffee.
  17. Do a little Bible reading, journaling, and praying.
  18. Drive to work.
  19. Read email and plan my day.
  20. Start thinking about lunch.
  21. Fully wake up.

So there you have it. It’s not pretty, but it’s honest. Maybe when I have kids I’ll grow up and make the most of my mornings. I can only hope.

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