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The Engagement

Garrett and I believe that we were intended for each other, but our introduction wasn’t the norm. We initially met through an online website and set up a time to meet at Starbucks. After several months we realized that we were in love and began exploring the possibilities for our future. We date our engagement from the day that Garrett went to my father and asked for his blessing in asking for my hand in marriage. Dad heartily agreed and plans began in earnest. During the next several weeks Garrett asked me to marry him many times, and I always said yes. 🙂 But the actual proposal happened a couple of months later after Garrett had a ring made especially for me. He presented the ring to me in a Thomas Kinkaide music box. After I opened the box, he took the ring and got down on one knee (right there in the kitchen!) and asked me to marry him. And, once and for all, I said yes!

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