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The Wedding

Our wedding day was the happiest blur I’ve ever experienced. The months of detailed and often painful planning were all worth it. Most people I’ve talked to have shared one horror story or another about their wedding day, but I can honestly say that just about everything went as planned. Then again, Garrett and I were in our own little bubble most of the time. We truly lived in the moment.

I was so nervous walking down the aisle, knees shaking and glad that I had my daddy to hang on to, but determined to keep a smile on my face. Then I saw my man’s happy face and everything was fun from then on. I’d imagined several possible disasters during the ceremony (tripping on the stairs, slaughtering the vows, dropping the ring), but the funny thing is that once it all began I was completely relaxed. Not even a little nervous. I’m sure it had a lot to do with Garrett’s ease and Morris’ (the minister) conversational style. I was standing in front of a room full of people and actually had fun! It was all so beautiful. The vows were perfect. The music was beautiful (thank you Nikki and Damon!). It was truly a dream come true.

After the ceremony we did the picture thing and drank champagne in the limo on the way to the reception. Things took a little longer than we expected, so I was concerned about the guests waiting for us. But before we even entered the building we needed to order another batch of margaritas since the two batches that we’d originally ordered were already gone! So I figured that everyone was feeling pretty good. ;=) I was so happy to walk into the reception and see how pretty the room turned out. I enjoyed sitting and watching our friends and family smiling and having fun. It was such a beautiful moment for me. There were some hilarious moments (Dad saying Garrett’s not that funny, Diana glad to have a bigger brother) and some emotional moments (dancing with my dad). A little something for everyone. One thing that we were disappointed about was that we didn’t get to spend as much time as we’d planned to talk to everyone. So if we missed you – we’re so sorry! But know that your presence was felt and appreciated.

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