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Thoughts, Ideas, and Plans

Oh, how I’ve fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I had such plans last week to make up for my blogging shortcomings with several deep and thoughtful posts. Then I thought maybe I should at least find the time to come up with a couple shallow and distracted posts. Then…nothing.

My latest excuse is that I severely pulled something in my back a few days ago, leaving me in constant pain and pretty much without the will to live. Alas, as the primary caretaker for one adorable 21-pound baby boy, I’ve used my last bit of energy this week taking care of him and picking up his toys and lifting all 21-pounds of him when he won’t follow me or walk with me or levitate out of his crib. And my back has been the worse for it.

But my husband is home for the weekend, which is a huge help, and baby boy is taking a nap, so I have the time and energy to dredge up a shallow and distracted post consisting of a list of things I’d like to do with this blog one day.

Readers, you deserve better, you really do.

But this is all I’ve got right now.

  • I used to teach a single adult Sunday School class and learned a lot about leading small groups. I learned the hard way, meaning I made lots of mistakes and didn’t have much help, so I started a blog a few years ago giving advice and ideas for leading a class. I’ve wanted to recreate that on a portion of this blog, focusing on small groups rather than just Sunday School classes. The idea is that I’d ask people that have been in leadership positions in classes/small groups to write guest posts about some aspect of teaching/leading. I just need to get my fanny in gear and set that up, send out emails, etc.
  • I also wrote some posts about Psalm 23 on that same Sunday School blog (say that ten times fast), and I’d like to re-write those posts along with new content concerning Psalm 23. It’s a fascinating psalm and one I consider to be greatly misused and misinterpreted. But I’d have to find the time to study it again along with writing the posts. It would be time well-spent, so, again, I need to get my fanny in gear.
  • My mother has asked me to write a few posts in kitchen English about starting a blog. I’ve thought about doing that, but I also know that there’s tons of content out there on this very topic. Does anybody know of a blog that has posts on this topic without getting all jargony (I just made up that word)?
  • When I started this particular blog, I found some digital scrapbooking kits and used them for this design. But I’m finding it to be very dark and depressing now and want to redesign. I want to use a simple brighter background instead of the tapestry thing I’ve got going on right now, and I also want a new header. Does anybody know of a good graphic artist that does custom illustrations?
  • In my little bit of free time, I’m busy learning iPhone app development. I’ve been working on a Scripture Cards app and hope to talk about that on this blog one day when it’s done. I’m at a crossroads with how the app is going to get Bible verses and am wondering if that’s going to get expensive (copyrights, etc.). Please chime in if you are knowledgeable on this subject.
  • I want to write a post for my CAKE series about the basic difference between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and why you should care. Maybe that’ll happen next week.
  • We’ve been attending a great church and get a lot of inspiration and stuff to think about from the sermons. I’ve left my notes from a couple of the sermons lying around so that I can post about them one day.

How about you? Do you have plans for your blog that you’re trying to get the motivation to implement?

1 thought on “Thoughts, Ideas, and Plans”

  1. A while back I remember a lot of people talking about this new blog for learning about blogging. I checked it out a few times, and it seemed pretty good. I’m not sure of the url, but I googled and I’m pretty sure this was it: http://www.bloggingbasics101.com/

    As for a custom header, there are TONS of “mompreneurs” out there trying to make some money creating custom blog designs. Custom headers usually run about $25. Just google “custom blog header,” and (IMHO) pick a SAHM-based business! 😉 (A *good* designer will have examples of her work on the website so you can be sure of what you are getting before you buy!)

    I’m very interested in your Scripture Cards app. What will it do, exactly? Any chance you’re interested in learning to code for Android? 😉 LOL. (Sigh, guess I should learn to do that, huh?) Most of the apps I have seen pull Scripture from biblegateway.com. Maybe they do it via RSS? Some just build a browser into the app and just pull up the verse they want on biblegateway itself.

    As for me, I’m just trying to keep up with project365 (missed 12 days total this year), and maybe, sometime, I might write an actual blog post that’s not just imported from my photo gallery, greader, or twitter.
    .-= Michelle Potter´s last blog ..Today on Twitter: If DH, in spirit of adventure,… =-.

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