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What I’m Into – January 2013 Edition

Books I’m Reading (or Read)

I read A Year of Biblical Womanhood and am planning to write a review for next week. Here’s a little preview of that review: I have mixed feelings about this book. Some of my feelings are not nice, so I’m going to have a hard time with it.

I got the e-book Work Shift as part of a bundle for work-at-home moms. It has some great ideas for finding a way to bring in some income and still be there for your family.

Movies I’ve Watched

I watched Seal Team Six because I’d like to see Zero Dark Thirty and thought this would be the next best thing since we hardly ever go to the theater. I also have a thing about comparing different movie adaptations of the same story. For example, I’ve seen at least four different movies based on the book Pride & Prejudice. (In case you’re wondering, the worst one was the one starring Laurence Olivier, and the best one was the one starring Colin Firth. Of course.)

TV I’ve Watched

It’s amazing how much TV we watch considering we don’t have cable.

I love Once Upon a Time, although it would be hard to get better than the first season.

Revenge is a guilty pleasure that my husband and I both enjoy. The whole idea of meting out justice to people that have done you terribly wrong is delicioius. And it’s corny enough to not take too seriously and thus endanger your salvation. (I kid.)

Downton Abbey started off reallllly slow, and I was ready to give up on it, but it got good all of a sudden. You can see my thoughts on the last couple of episodes here and here if you’re all caught up on the show and don’t mind spoilers.

30 Rock has been good for some silly funny.

The Office is one of my faves even without Steve Carrell, but it has really gotten good the last couple of episodes. Things are taking a strange turn, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Parks & Recreation is another one that my husband and I both love. So funny. I was trying to choose a favorite character, but I can’t narrow it down to one person.

I’ve been watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and am kicking myself for not watching it before. LOVE IT. But maybe it’s the geek in me.

Modern Family is always funny. Love the family dynamics.

We watched the newest episode of Smash early on Hulu, and it’s ok. My husband loves it because of his musical theater background, but I’m having a hard time finding a single character to like.

We’ve seen one episode of Deception and are interested enough to watch more, just haven’t gotten around to it.

Go On has grown on me, so I hope it sticks around. I love an ensemble cast.

Stuff I’ve Listened To

As part of my effort to develop better spiritual habits this year, I’ve been listening to a lot of Beth Moore teachings in my car. But sometimes I switch over to KSBJ (local Christian radio station) for some good music. I know that there must be some good new music out there, but I haven’t zeroed in on any of it.

Food I’ve Eaten

I believe I’ve documented fairly extensively my use of frozen casseroles to provide nourishment for my family, but I did try a new recipe this month. I came across this recipe for crockpot broccoli-cheddar soup and loved it, although I ended up using double the Velveeta. I went to Panera and got bread bowls, which made the whole dinner very fancy feeling even though two bread bowls cost less than four dollars (they even scooped them out for me!). We really enjoyed the dinner, and I tried not to think about the calories.

In the Blogosphere

I’m taking part in the Siesta Scripture Memory Team this year over on the Living Proof blog as part of my effort to develop good spiritual habits. I’m planning to spend most of the year memorizing Proverbs 31:10-31.

This post on How to Find the Perfect Jeans came at just the right time.

This post about writing made me feel like I’m not crazy – When You Don’t Have a Cabin or a Dog… But Are Still Called to Write.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what this post says about the Proverbs 31 woman.

On Geek Mama

I’ve chosen one word to aspire to this year: Purpose.

I’m writing about what I’m learning about the excellent woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31.

I’m posting tips about how to lead a small group Bible study. I hope these help someone because I learned these lessons the hard way.

I’ve posted a few technology-related tips that I hope help someone.

I interviewed my mother and created a serious of posts about how technology has changed parenting in the last 40 years. And my conclusions weren’t what I expected.

I announced that I’ve released an update to Lamplight, my Scripture card app for the iPhone/iPad.

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

I’m going to Dallas in a few weeks to go to the .MOM conference. I’m looking forward to the conference and having a few days away to recharge, but I’m also looking forward to staying with my baby sister and just hanging out. I’m not really looking forward to the drive, but I’m going to try to find an audiobook to listen to and pass the time. Hopefully that’ll distract me from my tears as I drive away from my babies for three days. Why am I leaving again?

I’m linking up with Hopeful Leigh.

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