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Wonderfully Ordinary

Highlights of our Easter weekend:

  • Friday was an open house of sorts with various family members visiting us to check out the new house. Friday night we had another couple (and their cutie-pie baby) over to eat pizza (praise God) and watch a little TV. Specifically, What Not to Wear. And if I were to be completely honest, I’d say that that particular television program was enjoyed by the women and simply tolerated by the men. Real Men Know Fashion.
  • Saturday we worked out in the yard. For the first time. In OUR yard! It made weeding and pruning seem almost fun. But not quite. After all, I’m not insane. But I will go so far as to say that it was a gratifying experience.
  • Saturday night we went to an Easter service at our church.Why Saturday, you ask, and not Good Friday or Easter Sunday?

    Because we just didn’t want to deal with the crowds Sunday morning. That’s why.

    We then got some Starbucks to go (a skinny latte for me, thank you very much) and sat on our back patio watching the glow of the bug zapper and hoping to hear a huge PZZZZZ.

    Now you’re asking, why? WHY? Were your computers down? Was your cable out? Did your cars not start, preventing you from escaping to a more, shall we say, MAINSTREAM sort of entertainment?

    The answer – none of the above. We just felt like it. The blue glow of the bug zapper seduced us into dreams of insect-free living. The lure of blog-reading and endless runs of Law & Order and CSI could not compare with the excitement of hearing one annoying bug ZAPPED into oblivion. One redeeming aspect of our patio time (in your eyes, mind you, not mine) was that Garrett edumucated me some on constellations. Isn’t that romantic? Having a constellation pointed out to me by my honey by the glow of the bug zapper. The stuff songs are written about. (Maybe a country song. Definitely not rap.)

  • Anyhoo, Garrett and I spent Sunday afternoon at his dad’s house eating ourselves into a coma (thanks to the lovely Tana’s culinary efforts). Seriously, the food coma was so strong that Garrett was concerned about the hour-long drive back home. But we arrived home in one piece, in time for Garrett to bind boxes and put the latest installment of trash out on the curb. The risen Christ frees us from the bondage of sin, not chores. Then some TV and Ridiculous Laughter (latest topic of Ridiculous Laughter – shiny corners. You had to be there.). And off to bed.

So that was our weekend. Wonderfully Ordinary. With the past year full of engagement, wedding planning, marriage, buying a house, and moving THREE times, it was time for a little ordinary. And it was wonderful.

So family, friends, and lurkers, tell me – what is the most wonderful ordinary thing you do? Bonus points if you also throw in a favorite patio activity (besides The Show of the Bug Zapper).

And lest you think we forgot about the risen Christ during our ordinary Easter weekend, here’s some food for thought.

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