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Works For Me: Paperless Grocery List

Today is “Works for Me Wednesday” at Rocks in My Dryer. It’s a chance for us to share some little (or big) thing that makes our lives easier. Check it out for some great ideas! Some of us (as in me) aren’t as creative as others, so it’s great to see some useful tips from people that have it going on.

My “works for me” is a way to keep a grocery list. This isn’t rocket science, but hang with me – my husband and I keep a dry-erase board on our refrigerator so that if either one of us sees that we need to pick up something particular at the grocery store, we can just write it down right away before forgetting. Then, on grocery day, we just take a picture of it with our camera phone and pull up the picture at the grocery store. It’s quick and easy, and we rarely forget anything. But the really great thing about this is that it’s a great PAPERLESS way to keep a grocery list. No more digging through my purse for a list, or leaving it in the car or on the counter.

And, just for fun, we also write little love notes to each other on the dry-erase board. So when I add eggs to the list, I can also tell my husband, “You’re the love of my life!” Some think it’s cheesy, but we have fun with it. 🙂

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