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10 Thoughts About Downton Abbey Episode 5

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My mother and I watched the latest episode of Downton Abbey today and sniffled through a post-episode discussion. That discussion revealed that I have some strong opinions about fictional people living fictional lives. Please indulge me by allowing me to geek out on Downton Abbey and share some of those opinions. I’m a little bit exhausted after another night with little sleep, so I submit my strong opinions to you in list form:

1. Lord Grantham is getting on my nerves. Seems like he thinks he knows better than everybody about everything, but the opposite is true. Lord Grantham, please just sit down and drink your tea and let other people do the thinking for you.

2. With that said, he’s not a bad guy. Just suffering from extreme pride issues. And living with the death of your beloved child is a steep price to pay for pride.

3. The scene where Cora sat with Sybil’s lifeless body and told her that she will always be her baby broke my heart. Seriously, I can’t even think about it.

4. And the Dowager Countess walking through the house in her mourning attire was also heartbreaking. A grandmother shouldn’t have to mourn her granddaughter. Oy.

5. Lady Mary is also getting on my nerves. BOSSY MUCH??? She certainly takes after her daddy and doesn’t see any need for change in herself. I tire of everything working out for her while the other sisters (who are more deserving, IMHO) suffering so badly. But I suppose that’s much like real life. Bad things happen to good people, and undeserving people get all the breaks. (Wow, that sounds bitter. I’m really not as bitter as that sounds.)

6. O’Brien is up to some doings. My mother and I discussed her situation a bit, and I think that she was hurt that her buddy Thomas would put her nephew’s job in jeopardy, despite their friendship. So she’s turned on Thomas and is getting back at him both personally and possibly professionally. She’s an evil genius!

7. And Thomas pretty much deserves it.

8. But I have to admit I was quite touched by Thomas’ tears after Lady Sybil died. His comment that not many people have been kind to him made me stop and think. As I’ve heard one wise woman say, hurting people hurt people.

9. The whole Bates story line is too slow moving for me. Bates and his lovely wife seem to be on screen so much with nothing happening. At least nothing I understand.

10. Tom had also been getting on my nerves, but now I just feel bad for him. Poor guy. He’s lost the love of his life, and I’m afraid that he’ll only be self-destructive now.

How about you? Any Downton Abbey thoughts?

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