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12 Perfect Gifts for a (Christian) Book Geek

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For those that like to escape into a book…

Les Miserables – This was a book by Victor Hugo before it was a broadway play. And soon the movie will come out!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! This is a bit of deep reading for an escape, but the themes of redemption and grace are worth it.

Anything by Francine Rivers – She does a great job of telling an entertaining story with deeper themes. My favorites are:

Anything by Deanne Gist – This is pure entertainment here. Just plain fun. Some of my favorites:

What a Girl Wants – Oh man, this book made me laugh so much. And I mean a true laugh out loud, not a chuckle or internal, “Well, now, wasn’t that amusing.” This is especially funny to anyone that has been involved in a church singles ministry. Because you know that you wish someone would write a book about all of the craziness you see in there sometimes.

For those that read to understand their world…

Anything by Anne Lamott – Be warned, Ms. Lamott is NOT a member of the vast right wing conspiracy. And you’ll never see her sipping tea at a party. So buy these books only for people that understand that Jesus loves everyone, not just those that look and sound like them. Also, buy her books for anyone that wants to improve their writing. Because her writing? It’s a wonder.

Introverts in the Church – I’m understanding more and more about myself as an introvert, and books like this one are partially responsible. Buy this book for the introvert in your life that needs to know that they don’t have to fake at being an extrovert to be a good Christian.

For those that have big dreams for the future…

Quitter – I started reading this recently and love it because it’s different than you think it’s going to be. Buy this book for anyone that doesn’t feel fulfilled in their current occupation and hopes for more.

Platform – This book has so much good information in it it’s mind-boggling. Buy this book for anyone that hopes to build up a business, reputation, or brand.

What are your suggestions for books that would make great gifts?

Perfect Gift Posts:

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