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6 Apps for Spiritual Growth to Use on Your New iPad

Are you one of the lucky ones that got a new iPad for Christmas? Have you been showering love and affection on your iPad like a mommy with a new baby? If so, I’m here to help by suggesting a few items for your new addition.

The following six apps can help you with your spiritual growth if used with that purpose in mind. I use these apps personally and have seen a benefit.

  • NIV Bible
    • What I like: The name is misleading, because you can actually purchase and download other translations besides the NIV, which I love. I especially like the interlinear feature.
    • How I use it: I use this app in church instead of lugging a Bible with me.
  • James: Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore
    • What I like: I’ve wanted to do computer-based interactive Bible studies for years, and this Bible study app brought that dream close to reality. I’m not saying that it’s a complete reality because it still needs some work, but I loved doing a Bible study in digital format. My favorite thing was being able to tap on a link to go to a Scripture passage and having it appear right next to the workbook text. Is that lazy? It’s probably lazy, but I’m owning it. I’m owning my lazy link-tapping self.
    • How I use it: I used to take my iPad to the Y and do Bible study after my workout while my kids were in the Y child care. Since I also read books on my iPad during my workout, it meant that I had fewer items to take to the gym with me.
  • Kindle Reader
    • What I like: Having access to my entire Kindle book library; the ability to sync my place in a book across all devices; being able to increase the text size when my eyes get tired (because I have the eyes of a centenarian); the ability to highlight and having access to those highlights online.
    • How I use it: I hardly ever read a physical book now and instead read on my iPad, iPhone, or Kindle. I subscribe to the following feeds to get free Kindle books, and sometimes even borrow digital books from the library.
  • Lamplight
    • What I like: Ok, this is a shameless plug since I created this app. The main thing I was trying to achieve was to create an electronic way to organize Scripture cards. I think I did that, as well as added a couple of niceties like dialing up a Scripture and a topic database.
    • How I use it: I organize verses that I want to keep track of from Bible study, and verses for prayer for my husband, myself, Advent, etc.
  • Evernote
    • What I like: Clipping web pages and saving them for offline use; syncing up between my Mac, my iPad, and my iPhone.
    • How I use it: My list of notebooks in Evernote is extensive, but the notebooks pertinent to this post include Quotes, Illustrations, and notebooks devoted to Bible study ideas.
  • Feeddler
    • What I like: The awesome interface for organizing and reading my Google Reader blog feeds.
    • How I use it: I try to read blogs written by people that I respect and that will encourage me as a Christian. This app makes it easy for me to mark a blog post as a favorite or as unread so that I can go back to it when I get a chance for further reflection or to post a comment.

What are your favorite iPad apps?

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