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American History Supplement Review

American History Curriculum Supplement Review: U.S.A Constitution Activity Book

I’m using U.S.A Constitution Activity Book, published by Dover Publications, as a supplement for my fourth grader’s studies in early American history.

American History Supplement Review: U.S.A Constitution Activity Book

Traditional methods for teaching include lectures, textbooks, and living literature. Homeschoolers often use more hands-on methods, too, with craft projects. Since my oldest prefers interactive learning methods, I was excited to find this workbook full of fun puzzles and activities related to the U.S. Constitution and the history surrounding it.

How It’s Set Up

U.S.A Constitution Activity Book has 33 puzzles and activities related to the U.S. Constitution and the history surrounding it, with an answer key at the book of the workbook. Each activity is introduced with information about a topic of historical significance. The activities and puzzles themselves include mazes, word searches, spot-the-difference pictures, word puzzles, etc.

Teacher Prep

Teacher prep will depend on how you want to use U.S.A Constitution Activity Book. We’re using it as a fun diversion from our typical American history studies, so my son is pretty much starting on the first page and doing the pages in sequential order. But you can use it as a resource in a more thoughtful way by assigning pages as the topics on those pages are covered in your regular history studies. For example, you may want to assign page 9 when learning about states ratifying the Constitution.

Student Time

How much time a student spends on this workbook will depend on the difficulty level of the particular puzzle the student is working on. Most puzzles are pretty straightforward and will take less than 10 minutes to complete, but a few of the word puzzles may take a bit longer.

To whom would I recommend U.S.A Constitution Activity Book?

(Based on Learning Preferences and Three D’s I describe in earlier posts.)

Recommend to…

  • Students that do well with Interactive learning methods since this is an activity book.
  • Students that prefer to learn in an Independent way.
  • Students that love puzzles and games.
  • Students reading on at least a fourth-grade reading level.

I would NOT recommend to…

  • Students that do not learn well with Interactive learning methods.
  • Students that do not enjoy puzzles and games.
  • Students that are not fluent readers.

My Best Tips for Using U.S.A Constitution Activity Book

  • I find it helpful to check in with my student after he completes his activity page for the day. I check for understanding by having him read the activity introduction aloud and asking him what the activity/puzzle revealed to him.
  • Know why you’re using this workbook. Since we use U.S.A Constitution Activity Book to learn about history, and not necessarily to work on critical thinking skills, I help my son if he’s struggling with an activity.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about U.S.A Constitution Activity Book

U.S.A Constitution Activity Book has been a fun, low-pressure way to get in a little extra history learning on what’s usually a dry subject.

American History Supplement Review

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