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How My Former Career Affects My Homeschool Today

Each of our homeschools is unique, thanks to the combinations of our varied personalities, interests, and life experiences. A life experience that has greatly impacted my homeschool is my career as a computer engineer. My career and experiences working in a large company have informed my decisions about how I educate my kids and what we focus on.

A like-minded, present-enjoying but future-oriented homeschooler that I’ve become friends with over the interwebs is Tanya (you may know her from her fabulous YouTube channel, Project Happy Home where she talks about homeschooling, ADHD, and skincare). Get this – she’s both a doctor AND a lawyer! That’s a lot of learning and experience! I did an Instagram Live with her to talk about how our experiences working outside of the home have affected our homeschool styles.

Screenshot from Instagram Live showing Leslie Maddox and Tanya from Project Happy Home. Click to go to Instagram Live.

We didn’t have any talking points ahead of time and decided to just wing it. I wasn’t sure where the conversation would go – maybe what subjects we focus on? Or how we plan out our homeschools? But no, the conversation went somewhere else entirely as we narrowed down to our biggest takeaway from our work lives that affect how we parent and teach our children. Listen in to find out what The Big Takeway was!

What do you think? Do you agree with us?

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