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I always say that I won’t go camping unless there’s a hotel room involved.

We came pretty close to that ridiculous statement at The Retreat at Artesian Lakes this past weekend. We got a one-room log cabin for a couple of nights, which came with a couple of beds, table, kitchenette, but NO TV.

Since we didn’t have the distraction of a TV, we did things like read, play card games (Speed, Rummy, Poker), and sit on the porch and talk.

We had a visitor to our cabin…
…but he didn’t stay for long.

We even walked around outside for a while (I believe outdoorsy people call that “hiking”).

Just to prove that we actually got out in The Nature for a while, we snapped a few shots to chronicle our experience.

The Nature

Not a cloud in the sky, which meant The Nature was HOT!
Garrett in The Nature

Some of The Nature is kinda gross (those are bugs swimming around in there!)…
…but some is rather pretty.
What is it about a country road that makes you want to see what’s at the end?
And what is it about a wooden bridge that makes you want to cross it?
Is it just me, or does it look like someone added food coloring to this lake?
I had fun with you, sweetie!

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