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Free Coloring Reading Log Printable

Turn your kids’ reading lists into keepsakes! 

Use a fun coloring reading log printable to turn the chore of tracking your kids’ reading into a creative outlet. Your kids will love seeing how much they’ve read and be encouraged to complete their bookshelves. 

Pages in the coloring reading log printable.

Use a Reading Log as a Reminder to Read More

Display your reading logs “in progress” on a whiteboard or refrigerator to prompt your students to read more! Or use them as covers for their Language Arts or Literature binders to remind them to finish their current reads.

Use a Reading Log as a Tool to Make Reading a Daily Habit

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Creating a goal to fill their reading log bookshelves will help your students to make reading an integral part of their lives. You can help this along by requiring your students to read for a short amount of time each day. Set a timer (I like this one and this one) for an appropriate amount of time, for example:

Once they start reading, they will likely read even longer than required and complete their first book. Once they’ve completed a book, make a big deal about their accomplishment and help them to update their reading log.

Celebrate a Filled Reading Log Bookshelf

Plan a celebration or a special reward for when a reading log bookshelf is filled. Let your student know that when they’ve filled their bookshelf on the coloring reading log printable, they have something special to look forward to. Ideas for bookish reading rewards:

  • Book (or series) of their choice – If you’re looking for ideas, my boys have enjoyed this series and this series. These are also a current favorite.
  • Movie night – put a good book like Charlotte’s Web, Journey to the Center of the Earth, or The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on your kids’ reading list, then watch the movie adaptation on a special movie night, complete with popcorn and treats!
  • Book light – My kids have these because I allow my boys to read after lights out each night. It helps them to calm down and forget about any fears of the dark. Sometimes they even read aloud to each other!
  • Kindle – We love Kindles! They have helped us to read more and are such a convenience when we haven’t been able to get to the library during the Age of Corona.

A reading reward doesn’t have to be bookish, and for reluctant readers it probably shouldn’t be. After all, the promise of doing more of what they’re avoiding probably isn’t a great motivator. 😉 If the incentive of a new video game or toy or privilege is what it takes to get your kids to read, go for it! On the journey to get their reward, they just might discover a love of reading!

Download link for coloring reading log printable.

Turn your kids’ reading lists into keepsakes and make reading a daily habit with a fun coloring reading log printable.

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