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printable homeschool worksheets

FREE Printable Homeschool Worksheets for Morning Work

Do morning work the easy way! Printable homeschool worksheets make it easy for you to help your kids develop and practice basic skills. Morning work printables specifically help your kids to learn how to use a calendar while giving them number writing practice.

I like to start my kids’ school days with calendaring worksheets. You can download – for FREE! – the August calendaring work that my kids will use this upcoming school year.

(See all of our curriculum choices for the 2020-2021 school year here.)

The calendaring work I give my kids is dependent on their age and capabilities.

  • A preschooler or kindergartener that is not yet comfortable writing numbers can use stickers or stamps to fill in today’s date on the larger calendar that is printed in landscape mode (sideways), or they can color in the number of the date. They can also color in the name of the month. At that age, children are working on their fine motor skills and building up hand strength for handwriting, and coloring, stickers, and stamps will help them with that.
  • Kids that are comfortable writing their numbers and letters (kindergarten/first grade) can use the smaller calendar printed in portrait mode (straight up and down) to trace the month name and trace the number (or write the number) on the calendar. 

For older kids, I add in date writing. I started doing this because I realized that, while kids in a traditional school setting learn how to write out a date on their schoolwork and notes, that’s something that’s often missed in homeschools. It’s also a great way to sneak in month and weekday spelling practice!

  • For a first or second grader, I give them the most basic date writing worksheet to write the date in the form Month Day, Year. For example, “August 24, 2020”.
  • For a second or third grader, I give them the date writing worksheet with smaller lines and add the weekday into the date. For example, “Monday, August 24, 2020”.
  • For older kids, I add digital date writing practice. For example 8/24/2020.

I’ve made it easy for you to start your homeschool year with calendaring work by providing our August calendar worksheets to you for free! Click to download the worksheets, type in the numbers if you want your student to trace numbers, print the worksheets that you want to use, and then put them in a morning work binder or folder for your students.

(FYI, you can find the supplies I use for my printables here.)

printable homeschool worksheets

And please let me know how these worksheets work for you and your family!

printable homeschool worksheets

printable homeschool worksheets

printable homeschool worksheets

printable homeschool worksheets

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