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From James to the Shepherdess

So I’m a Bible study girl. My ideal way to study the Bible is just me and a Bible, with some additional resources once I’ve studied a portion of Scripture sufficiently. But I’m finding that difficult to do with small adorable children running around.

Sometimes I’ll spend a few days meditating on a verse or passage, and sometimes I’ll work through a Bible study. That helps me at least read some Scripture most days. I don’t get nearly as much out of the workbook Bible studies as I do when I study and journal on my own, but I still consider it a good discipline.

I recently finished this study.

I did the iPad app version of this study, which was a neat experience. It was the first truly computer-driven study that I’ve done. Listen up publishing houses – you should provide app versions of all future workbook Bible studies. I’ve been wanting something like this for ten years, so I’m happy to actually see what I’ve been hoping for turn into a reality. Now, I’m not saying that it’s perfect. There’s a lot that the app developers can do to make the study a more enjoyable experience. But it’s headed in the right direction.

I’ve recently started this study.

An excerpt from an editorial review on Amazon says, “Spend time with a grape grower, a shepherdess, a beekeeper, and a farmer, all of whom bring fresh insights to familiar Scriptures.”

I was excited to start it because I have a special interest in Psalm 23 and shepherds and all of that. I can’t wait to see what all she learned from a shepherdess,  vintner, etc. Seriously, this sounds a lot like the study I’d write if I could. It’s different than others I’ve done because it’s not split up into days of homework. I find that this is working for me, though. Even when I didn’t have adorable children interrupting me every two minutes, there were days that I wanted to do more than one day’s worth of homework in a traditional workbook study, but maybe didn’t have time to do a whole two days. And there are definitely days that I just can’t make it through even a single day’s lesson because it’s a little long or I just have a lot going on here. So not having it split up into days is working for me. I just do what I can each day and move on.

So there’s where I am so far. Do you have any suggestions for Bible studies for me?

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  1. I don’t know if you have the app Youversion. It has different versions of the Bible, Devotionals and you can join any live event (usually hosted by a church) or you can create one. My church uses it. So when I go to church, I take my Ipad and the app has my church’s verses and any notes for this lesson. It also has a place for me to enter my own notes. You can also create your own live events and make them open to the public or private. It will sync between your Iphone/Ipad and online. I like it for church and I can see it being a useful tool for Bible studies.

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