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God Is Consistent

I love it how God will confirm a lesson he’s teaching me in different ways. Just today He used both a stranger and a dear friend to encourage me in different areas.

Remember when I told you how I want to re-focus my quiet times back on Scripture? Well, today I came across this blog post by Francine Rivers. She’s my favorite novelist. In her post, she talked about how God spoke to her during her quiet time and made the following statement:

Scripture is truly new every morning and God speaks to each of us personally through it.

I couldn’t agree more! I’m more determined than ever to stick with only the Holy Spirit as my teacher during my quiet times.

Yesterday I talked about how easy it is to be blind to pride in ourselves. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to root out all sources of pride in myself. Knowing me, I’d probably be proud just to deal with a pride issue! But today I read a post on my friend Morris’ blog that encouraged me to continue to be prayerful about that issue. His post contains a list of questions to ask yourself to gauge your daily walk with God. Honestly, I didn’t get past number one before I wanted to throw myself on the floor and beg God for forgiveness, but just for grins I read the rest of the list and saw number 18. I think that number 18 sums up a lot of the list.

Oh Father, please help me with number 18.

5 thoughts on “God Is Consistent”

  1. Encouraged and confirmed on my own quiet times. Why do we think we can’t trust the Holy Spirit in those moments. Isn’t it hearing from Him that we crave? Yet it’s so easy to try to “run the show” ourselves. Hmmm…this blessed me. Found you through the ultimate challenge. Glad I did.

  2. Leslie,
    I believe Satan uses pride to keep us paralyzed in our walk. Our culture encourages us to be proud. Most of the things we are proud of are not bad within them themselves (good jobs, families, education, etc.). But when we stack it all up…oh, boy!

    Praying for you, sister. Pray for me!

  3. I love it how the lessons I’m learning show up in multiple ways too! I just want to say that you’ve got a great writing style. I’m interested to see what else you share through the blog challenge!

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