Homeschool Planning Decoded

Plan and organize your homeschool without getting overwhelmed by the process.​

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Tired of trying to figure out how to homeschool?

Hi, I’m Leslie, an engineer-turned-homeschool mom to three boys. I’ve been homeschooling my boys for seven years, and have customized our homeschool to work with their special needs.

I started homeschooling with no background in education and no previous expectation to homeschool. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. So I leveraged my engineering degree and work experience to learn how to confidently make choices for our homeschool that were deliberate and based on my own family’s needs and culture.

I used what I learned about homeschooling to create a system that you can follow to plan, organize, and customize your homeschool by making deliberate choices that reflect your family culture, your family’s needs during your current season of life, and your individual children’s needs. I know that this course can help YOU to create a homeschool that is a beautiful reflection of your beautiful and unique family!

How to customize your homeschool to fit your family

The Homeschool Planning Decoded framework walks you through the process of planning and organizing your homeschool in a way that is customized to your family.

The Homeschool Planning Decoded Framework


Define Needs


Explore Options


Curriculum Plan




1st Day


End Strong