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In honor of Mother’s Day…

…I thought I’d list just some of the great memories I have of and with my mom:

  • Walking to the market with her in Italy.
  • When Julissa and I would ride bikes with mom and dad during their jogs on base in Italy.
  • Listening to her sing us Beatles songs on the drive through Italy to Germany.
  • How excited she got about buying those pretty little wood Christmas tree ornaments at the markets in Germany.
  • Trying to teach her to swim in that pool in Spain (and it’s on tape…aaaah!).
  • When she brought me flowers after one of my band concerts in Mississippi.
  • When she helped me pack my trunk for college.
  • When she planned that trip to Mount Cheaha, where dad said that he was going to start a camp fire with lighter fluid and she yelled, “Run, kids, run!”
  • Her coming to Alabama from Puerto Rico just to see me graduate from college.
  • When she tries to tell a joke and forgets the punch line.
  • Getting ready for the big event on my wedding day.
  • When she guessed that I was pregnant, and then her excitement when I confirmed it.
  • Watching her walk Coco, her little dog.
  • Seeing one of her first pieces since she started painting again and thinking, “Wow! Mom did that?”
  • Seeing her hold my firstborn for the first time, and every time since.

I love you, Mom! And I’m looking forward to many more years of memories!

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