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Interesting Reads 1/20/2013

Bible Study Tips- Jennifer Hatmaker’s “A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study” – Christa highlights a part out of Jen Hatmaker’s book that is definitely worth sharing. I liked this because it describes the way I prefer to do Bible study for myself.

10 EXCELLENT REASONS TO DATE A BOOKWORM – I read this and thought, “Yeah, that’s right, bookworms are awesome!” If you’re a bookworm, you’ll agree with me. I also would name this “10 Excellent Reasons to be Friends with a Bookworm” (except for the romantic stuff).

A few thoughts on my birthday – We should all have such deep thoughts on our birthdays.

When You Don’t Have a Cabin or a Dog… But Are Still Called to Write – I loved this so much because it validated how I feel about writing blog posts or code or taking on any project when you’re the primary caretaker of a couple of adorable little munchkins. It’s just hard.

Is The Purpose of Life to be Happy? – Well, is it? This interesting read talks about the difference between happiness and significance. Food for thought.

Soup Link Up – This page currently has links to almost 200 blog posts with soup recipes. Perfect for chilly winter days…even in Houston.

7 Tax Deductible Branding Expenses – Good info here. Makes me feel better about ordering business cards!

Was He Really Sorry? – This post has some good thoughts about whether or not Lance Armstrong is really sorry about his behavior, and what true repentance looks like.

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