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Sunday Link Love

by | Nov 18, 2012 | Livin' la Vida Geeky | 0 comments

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All for the Boys – Came across this blog on Pinterest. From the About page – “This space was created for my boys, moms with boys, and people who love to find boy things!” There’s a gift guide up there right now. Interesting stuff.

Christian Veterans Protect Soldier’s Funeral – This video made me weepy. And reminded me of the book of James in the Bible. Faith takes action.

Life Lessons from Friday Night Lights – Loved that show. This post talks about it from a man’s perspective. Quote – “Friday Night Lights is a show about football that’s really not about football.” Perfect.

To all the heroes – yes you, the ones up to your elbows in ordinary – I related to this. Quote – “I am brimming over with clichés and temper and I calmly stay in the bedroom married to my mascara brush and focus on slowly, slowly just applying the gentle strokes and breathing.”

Love Moves – I have future plans to take my little ones on a mission trip when they’re older. Not because I think we can be so helpful (because I have serious doubts about that), but so that they can see life outside of our bubble and God working in communities far different than our own. I read this and wondered if I would be able to take them. Seriously, I’m sitting here on the couch half-watching a dumb sit-com while I read it, and I could barely hold it together.

This made me laugh so much.

Loved this birth announcement video. My heart melted at the end.

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