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My Favorite Things 2020

One of my favorite things to do during stressful times – like pandemics … and holidays … and holidays during pandemics – is to focus on favorite things. Below are 12 of my favorites for 2020 in areas from tech to beauty. You might see something below to put on your wishlist for Christmas…and maybe it’ll become one of your favorites, too!

Then again, why wait?! Maybe go ahead and get yourself a little something now. After all, you’ve probably already spent a good bit of time online scouring the sales and purchasing Christmas gifts for family and friends. Why not treat yourself, too? Happy shopping!

My Favorite Things 2020

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using the links. See my disclosure  for more information.)

 I ADORE my Apple AirPod Pros! I love the little charging case – it easily fits in my pocket so that I can keep it with me. The bluetooth is great and quickly connects to my phone, tablet, iMac, Apple TV, and televisions. And I love the noise cancelling feature – I can turn it off if I want to more easily hear what’s going on with my kids, and when it’s on it brings the noise level in my house to a dull roar. Sometimes I even leave the AirPods in my ears without anything playing but with the noise cancelling on so that my kids can be kids without driving me crazy. 😉

My favorite watch ever has been my Apple Watch. It’s such an awesome tool for a homeschool mom – besides getting notifications for text messages and phone calls without carrying my phone around, I can also quickly see what the weather is like, use the calculator app for grading, and use the timer app for everything from a 5-minute cleanup to shared reading and piano practice.

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I was one of those people that carried books around with me wherever I went (I’ve been known to take a book to a professional baseball game), so I adore the convenience of ebooks – I can download a book anywhere I am and read it on multiple devices. I’m an avid user of Overdrive for checking ebooks out from the library, but I’ve also been loving Kindle Unlimited for access to more books.

I’ve read a lot of mysteries over the past year, and my favorite mystery series hands-down is the Inspector Gamache series. The detective is atypical, I want the characters to be my friends, and the writing is excellent. So good!

We got a Proper Popper as a gift recently and I already love it. Every evening I crave a crunchy snack. I’ve been making popcorn on the stove to avoid all the unhealthy aspects of microwave popcorn bags, but this little bowl makes it easy to microwave popcorn kernels. It compresses almost flat, allowing me to store it with the popcorn kernels. And it makes a nice gift bundled with popcorn kernels and seasoning.

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I’m a big fan of digital planning, and this digital homeschool lesson planner has been integral in keeping me organized and sane in our homeschooling.

I have very sensitive skin, and I feel like this serum has actually helped my skin to react less to makeup and whatever else I put on it.

This snack tray really has been one of my favorite things this year because it makes lunchtime so easy! At the beginning of the week, I fill it up with veggies, fruit, and ranch dressing. Then I pull it out and plop lovingly place it on the table for my kids to munch on along with a sandwich instead of chips. They now get excited to see what’s in it each week.Lounge Joggers in ModalMy favorite pajamas have been these lounge joggers from Gap. Full disclosure – I spent a good amount of time in them over the Thanksgiving break, so I can attest that they are comfy for <ahem> multi-day wearing. I’m usually a cheapskate when it comes to PJ’s and look for the cheapest thing around, but these have changed my thinking.
I tend to forget about my coffee during the hustle and bustle of the homeschool day, so I’ve grown to love mugs like this that keep my coffee hot until I remember it!Fascinating Viewer Reactions to "The Chosen" That Will Make You Want To Watch It Now - Called to Share

You guys, I love this show so much. The end of the first episode might be my favorite scene out of the whole series.

Supergoop’s mineral sunscreen is the only sunscreen I’ve purchased that doesn’t cause my sensitive skin to break out. I was so relieved to find it, especially when I took my kids outside to play during sunny Texas summer days.

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