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"Pregnancy – 37 Weeks" or "Documenting Some Pregnancy Random"

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted so I’m almost too ashamed to show my face on this here blog. But the need to document some Very Important Pregnancy Facts before Baby Michael is born trumps my shame. So here goes…
– Pregnancy Fact #1 –
I will miss having Garrett call me his “baby squared.” I will also miss hearing him say, “Leggo my preggo!” My husband, the poet.
– Pregnancy Fact #2 –
Back in February I shared with the world our concerns about the extra fluid in Baby Michael’s kidneys. We spent the next couple of months praying for our baby’s kidneys and overall development. We were finally able to go to a follow-up ultrasound and received the fantastic news that Baby Michael’s kidney condition totally cleared up! Garrett and I kept it together during the ultrasound, but once we got to the car we prayed a thanksgiving prayer and cried like little girls. Because that’s how we roll.
– Pregnancy Fact #3 –
The nausea and vomiting have continued, but have greatly lessened over the last month. If I behave, anyway. During the last couple of weeks I have become quite the hungry girl and inhale whatever food I come across, which is probably my body’s way of preparing for labor since I understand that, once I check in, the hospital intends to starve me until the baby is delivered. Like I need something other than the promise of meeting my firstborn to induce me to push. Unfortunately, my body hasn’t sent the memo to my tummy because overeating inevitably results in undesired purging. Just last night I sacrificed a Sonic Reese’s Blast to the Porcelain Prince.
– Pregnancy Fact #4 –
I have packed my hospital bag and included some contraband cheese cracker sandwiches for personal use in case of emergency. I have also informed Garrett that if I ask for something to eat during labor, HE SHALL COMPLY.
– Pregnancy Fact #5 –
Less than two years ago I looked like this:

(Photo by Joe Heiliger)
The wonder of pregnancy morphed my body into this:

Now I look like…
…wait for it…
Or maybe this:

– Pregnancy Fact #6 –
Excerpt from my birth plan –


We prefer to have only our doctor, nurses, anesthesiologist, and guests present (no residents, medical students, or other hospital personnel).

The mother would like to wear contact lenses as long as a C-section is not needed.

The mother would like an epidural as soon as possible.

The mother would like to be coached on when to push and for how long.

– Pregnancy Fact #7 –
We took a tour of the birth center at the hospital we’ll be delivering in. The tour consisted of a nurse and about ten penguins and their significant others. I’ll go out on a limb and say that every one of the penguins is ready to deliver their babies and walk like normal people again.
– Pregnancy Fact #8 –
I dedicated several hours to researching diaper bags. My initial plan was to buy something cheapy cheap, but then I considered that I would be carrying said diaper bag in place of a purse for long enough to justify spending a little bit more on it. But I wasn’t willing to spend too much on something that will one day carry a bag of poopoo. Here’s what I settled on, and am quite pleased:

Garrett gets his very own black Eddie Bauer diaper bag that looks like a laptop bag – a diaper bag incognito.

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