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Should I have big hair while in Dallas?

I’m proud to say that I live a pretty ordinary life. I take my oldest to preschool, go grocery shopping, make lunches and dinners, change diapers for my youngest, watch TV, read, spend time with my husband…all pretty ordinary stuff. And for the most part I like it that way.

dotMOMI’d much rather have ordinary than crazy and unpredictable, but I wouldn’t mind the mundane being broken up by a few more visits with friends, evenings out, and more time alone to recharge. And in February, I get some of that since I’m going to the dotMOM conference in Dallas. I’ll have a four hour drive to listen to an audiobook or music or my own thoughts. And I’m staying with my baby sister (who I’ll be posting about on Friday, by the way, for one of Kelly’s link-ups), so we’ll get some sister time.

One of the things I’m going to do while in Dallas is take a trip to the DryBar. I’d never heard of them before my sister made an appointment for me, but it turns out that it’s a beauty salon that provides only blowouts and hair styling, not hair coloring or cutting.

And I’m intrigued.

I looked at their website and saw that they provide blowouts for only $35. And you can get different types of blowouts. I’m leaning toward the Cosmo, although I’m curious about how Southern Comfort would look on my. After all, wouldn’t it be appropriate to have big hair while in Dallas?

As a naturally curly(frizzy)-haired woman that prefers smooth hair, I think that the whole idea of a blow dry bar is genius. Why can’t I think of an idea like that? Seriously, I like this idea so much that I’d invest in it if I had a couple hundred thousand dollars burning a whole in my pocket. And a hair styling background. But I have neither, so I’ll have to be content with handing over my $35 (plus tip).

I only hope that the Drybar lives up to my expectations and I’ll show up at dotMOM with perfectly-coiffed hair.

Are you attending dotMOM?

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