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So it’s been a while…

Funny how life just takes over sometimes. For a while you’re all “I’m gonna be a good blogger and keep the content a-coming,” and then before you know it it’s been almost four months since your last post.

I didn’t intend to take a blogging hiatus, just a short break. You see, I came to the realization that you can’t be focused on a hundred different things and do any of them well. So I decided to focus my little bit of computer time on an iPhone app that I’m developing. It’s a simple app for creating and organizing Scripture cards on your iPhone (instead of using index cards), but since it required me learning a new programming language, it’s taken a lot of work.

I’m not done with it yet, but I thought I might as well hop on here and say, “Hello!”


Since we last spoke, we’ve celebrated my beautiful baby boy’s first birthday. He’s now almost 15 months old and just the cutest, sweetest, and funniest little guy I ever did see. Seriously, that kid cracks me up. He’s a mischievous little thing and tries so hard to be sneaky, but he has the Reyes curse of having his every emotion show up on his face. So right before he’s going to try doing something that he knows he shouldn’t do, he looks at us with the am-I-going-to-get-away-with-this look. Then when he realizes he’s caught he flashes his dimples and laughs the at-least-I-tried laugh. So cute.

Then again, he’s just a year old. I can see how that behavior might not be so cute ten years from now.

But he’s so charming it might be cute, after all.

God help us.

Other behavior that is cute right now but might not be so precious in another few years is the way he stares at girls. Let me tell you, my baby boy loves the ladies. I’ve never seen anything like it. At restaurants he’ll hang out of his high chair staring at girls. He’ll grin at them with that gorgeous smile, and with his big blue eyes and dimples he always gets lots of smiles in return. Which only encourages him.

So I’m left to wonder, what will his teen years be like???

God help us.

Doesn’t he look innocent?

I don’t know when I lost control of this meal.

This picture was taken today. When did my little baby get to be such a big boy???

I’m afraid that life will continue to get away from me and before I know it I’ll be ninety years old, spending my days in a glider chair with these old pictures spread out in my lap, wishing I could jump into the photo and cuddle that sweet little boy one more time. So I’m going to continue limiting my computer time, even if that means that my posts are few and far between. No offense, but I’d much rather make memories with my little one. Wouldn’t you?

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