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The Man with the Golden Voice Acknowledges Its Source

So you would have had to be under a rock, or at least not on Facebook, to have not heard about the Man with the Golden Voice. When you first see him and hear him speak, you can’t help but be surprised by this beautiful voice coming from a homeless man. Seriously, his voice sounds so good it almost sounds fake. After the shock of hearing The Voice, I was touched by his hope that he would be able to use his voice again someday to support himself.

Well, today I found this clip of him on the Today Show. I agree with the interviewers that there’s a sense of nervousness that his sudden fame will be too much for him to handle. But I was blown away when he talked about how God had not taken his voice, for whatever reason. When going through hard times, I have to admit that I tend to think more about what I don’t have. I was touched to hear him talk about and focus on what God had not taken away. That’s something I’ll have to think about for a while.

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