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Using Christmas Decorations to Do Bible Study with a Toddler

by | Dec 4, 2012 | Bible | 6 comments

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We don’t do a lot of Christmas decorations other than the tree, but last year we started decorating the mantel with Bible-themed items.

I was trying to find a way to do Bible study with my then-2-year-old, who is a very busy tactile learner. He was fascinated with all the decorations, so I stumbled upon the idea of taking down a different item from the mantel every day to tell him about the story it represents. He loved having the privilege of touching it and looking closely.

Michael has grown a lot the last year – he understands and speaks more words, has learned to count, and knows many colors. So I’m looking forward to telling him the stories again.

I’ll tell him that Mary had a little baby named Jesus. She was probably very scared, but God made sure that she had Joseph with her so that she wouldn’t be alone.

I’ll tell him that God sent an angel to tell shepherds about Jesus. Many of the shepherds were probably little boys like him and women like mommy. They worked very hard, but a lot of people didn’t like them. God didn’t care about that, though. Even though people didn’t like them, God still sent an angel to invite them to see Jesus.

The shepherds went to see baby Jesus and saw that the angel told them the truth. So they told a lot of people about how special Jesus was.

 Jesus was so special that even men that lived far away spent a lot of time to come see Him. God put a star in the sky to tell them where to go.

Jesus’ mommy married Joseph. Joseph wasn’t Jesus’ real daddy, but God picked him out to take care of Him.

I’m praying that God does a work in my little 3-year-old’s heart.

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  1. Jenny

    Sweet mantle!

  2. Natashajk

    I think the most important part of the Christmas season is telling the story.

    • Leslie Maddox

      I agree! My little ones like to have every story told to them over and over again, so this is a great time to tell them a story that really matters!

  3. Richella Parham

    What a lovely idea! And what a privilege you have to tell these precious stories over and over to your own little ones. 🙂

    • Leslie Maddox

      Thank you. And yes, sometimes I’m blown away by the privilege and responsibility of telling my little ones about Jesus.


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