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Worthy Web Links 2/14/13



I promised that I’d post a review of A Year of Biblical Womanhood this week, but here it is Friday and I need to admit that it’s not going to happen. My excuses are numerous: I haven’t been feeling well, Valentine’s happened, I’m dreading writing the review. That last one is probably most to blame.

But you know what? I’m gonna do it. Really. I’ll write it this weekend and have it for you on Monday.

Despite writing a review that won’t be fun to write, I do have something to look forward to this weekend. Melanie Shankle from the Big Mama blog will be in Houston to do a book signing for her new book. I loved this post where she talks about the book and shared a video that made me all teary-eyes.

I mentioned yesterday that I love BooMama’s blog. The truth is that, when I’m feeling not my best and could use a smile or giggle, her blog is one of the first places that I go. Sometimes she does a post like this one from earlier this week where she shares some of her favorite things. I love that insight into other people’s minds. Does that make me a stalker?

Kelly always dresses up her girls really cute, but can you stand the cuteness of these Valentine’s outfits? I wonder if I would be more into cute outfits if I had girls. I’m always trying to make my boys look, well, boyish. So we don’t see many of these “precious”-type outfits in this house. By the way, I also love Kelly’s outfit at the bottom of the post.

I love Antique Mommy’s writing – her posts are always worthy of reading. (I really liked this recent post.) But today she’s got a giveaway going on, so there’s even more reason to click over.

This article answered some questions I had about that whole Carnival cruise ship debacle. I feel so badly for all those people that were excited about a vacation, took time off from work, planned excursions, only to end up on a nightmare cruise. I’m curious to hear what the passengers have to say about the conditions since Carnival is down-playing concerns.


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